O nas

Zakupy z Polski is the biggest Polish online store with delivery in the Netherlands. We started our business in 2013 and since then our main goal is customer satisfaction. We believe that the satisfaction is the most important thing in shopping, that’s why we have done everything to make you feel like at home.

We offer thousands of articles for the house, furniture and household appliances. We carefully select our suppliers ensuring that the quality of the product is always the highest. We cooperate with Polish manufacturers only.

Why we are the best?

- Maximum simplified order process. Clicking the Buy Now in our store is basically all you need to buy. No transfers, no advances, no confirmation. You have trust for us, and we have trust for you.

- We have lowest prices on the market. We are offering lowest price guarantee. You will not find our products at lower prices than ours.

- We have created a most comfortable delivery. We transport goods in our cars only. We take care of packing, making sure that nothing will be damaged during transport. We arrange the delivery via phone in any time you wish. Our driver will always help, answer any questions and dispel your doubts.

- We offer a two-year warranty. If the goods are damaged, we will pick them any time - you do not have to worry about anything. Repaired or replaced item will return to you as soon as possible.

- Our consultant is available any time. Dispel your doubts and help you in choosing the best solutions. You can contact us any way you want - by telephone, e-mail or using the form on the page.

- We took care of your safety. You pay on delivery, after checking the goods. You do not have to send transfer and worry whether the goods will arrive at all - with us is the other way around. First delivery, then the payment.

- We listen to you. If you have suggestions on how to improve our shop - let us know! We always do everything for your satisfaction. If there is anything we missed - we will correct.

Brand is everything. We became quickly market leader and we will not stop here to rest.

You can trust us